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Southwest ’s SBV1000  BenchMixer™ vortex mixer is a quiet, full power vortex mixer at a very
attractive price.
Southwest's SBV1000 has user selectable continuous and touch modes and variable
speed control.  
It is powerful enough to mix full 50ml tubes while being one of the quietest vortexers on the
market.  The Southwest SBV1000 uses
an advanced counter balance design combined with a mini
rubber "dog bone" dampening system to create vortexing power without creating noise and excess vibration.  
We believe the Southwest
SBV1000 BenchMixer vortex mixer may be the best vortex mixer in the market.
Vortex Mixer
Product Specs:
Speed: Continuously
adjustable from 100 to
3200 rpm.
Modes: Touch and
Continuous modes
Mixing Head: Rubber
cup head standard.
Dimensions wxdxh:
5" x 6.3" x 6.7"
Weight: 8.4 lb
Electrical: 115VAC,
60 Hz, 1.5 amps
Environment: 4C to
Warranty:  2 years
BenchMixer vortex mixer                     model SBV1000             $189.00
Combo head for tubes and microplate,        SBV1000-COMBO         $39.00
Holds 66 tubes (0.2, 0.5, 1.5 and 2.0ml) or one microplate
Shippments to Canada          Canada Shipping Charge        $35.00
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Southwest's powerful SBV1000   
         Vortex Mixer
Compare  to  Genie,  VWR and Fisher vortex  
    mixers  at  $100  to  $200 more!!
Quiet, low vibration vortexing. 2 Year Warranty
  Assorted Accessory Heads  (scroll down)
Flat head, 3"dia. for mixing multiple tubes     SBV1000-FLAT            $19.00
Horizontal Tube head   12 x 1.5ml 0r 2.0ml       SBV1000-1520        $55.00
Horizontal Tube head   4 x 15ml tubes              SBV1000-15            $55.00
Horizontal Tube head   2 x 50ml tubes      l       SBV1000-50            $55.00
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our MicroPlate
Vortexing Shaker
Horizontal Scintillation vial head   2 x 20ml scintillation vials  SBV1000-20       $60.00